Basics of our Fiscal Sponsorship Program:

REVERBdance sponsors all types of performing arts companies across the nation. We encourage prospective projects to apply when they have a clear program plan and have researched the various funding options available to them but before they have begun soliciting donations from funders and foundations. REVERBdance uses a Comprehensive Structural Model where the project and the sponsor become a single legal entity. We act as the umbrella organization and bear full legal liability for the actions of the project.

Services REVERBdance Offers as a Fiscal Sponsor:

1)      Use of nonprofit status for grant funding applications and to accept tax-deductible donations

2)      Use of an online banking & transaction link on that can be used to post and receive donations through a personal and/or business website

3)      Consultations available to support crowd sourcing campaigns and free workshops on producing your own concert

4)      Networking socials with other innovators in the field

5)      Listing on REVERBdance’s website page as a fiscally sponsored project

6)      Annual reports of all funds donated

7)      Production discounts for artists participating in REVERBdance festivals

8)      Discounts for attendance at REVERBdance festivals, labs and parties

9)      Theatrical insurance policy for a small additional fee

10)  Non-curated, easy enrollment

Compensation for our Services:

The Committee overseeing the Project is responsible for compensating the Sponsor (REVERBdance) $250 annually for each year of service and must pay a 5% transaction fee for all donations. Additionally, the Committee is required to credit REVERBdance as a fiscal sponsor on all advertising, publicity, and press materials relating to the Project.

How to Apply:

To apply to be fiscally sponsored by REVERBdance please fill out this application.

We look forward to receiving your application and beginning a working relationship as your fiscal sponsor!