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In partnership with the Infinito Studio-Gallery, REVERBdance was honored to have curated it’s first Gallery Series at the Infinito Gallery in Tribeca, NYC. With sold out ¬†performances, REVERBdance presented¬†contemporary dance art and installation art in an intimate space with talkback and reception with the artists. Choreographers were represented from New York, China, Philadelphia, Rochester, California, and Montreal.¬†

Artists Curated: Kate Griffler, Vanessa Van Wormer, Inger Cooper, Tsai Hsi Hung, Elena Vazintaris, -esque dance collective, Anya Clarke & Mitsuko Verdery, and Joe Monteleone.

Photos below by Zak Griffler of Dancer/Choreographer Joe Monteleone, Dancer/Choreographer Vanessa Van Wormer, Dancer/Choreographer/Producer Kate Griffler, Dancer Nuria Martin of Michiyaya Dance.

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