REVERBdance was founded in 2005 under the direction of six choreographers; Nelly van Bommel, Sidra Bell, Lane Gifford, Ofelia Loret de Mola, Ayako Kurakake, and Kate Hutter. All were graduating from the Masters of Fine Arts program at Purchase College, SUNY for dance composition, all with the ambition to start their own dance companies and to be seen by New York audiences. With the onset of graduation, the choreographers produced their own concert to further enhance visibility of their work. The five producers received tremendous response from ticket buyers and dancers alike and decided that not only would they continue with an annual production, but they would open it up to other emerging choreographers as well. Since 2005, The REVERBdance Festival has taken place at SUNY Purchase College, The Ailey Citigroup Theater, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center and The Baruch Performing Arts Center. In 2010 REVERBdance was formally organized as a non profit with the mission to provide local, national and international contemporary choreographers with highly curated professional level productions, educational workshops and granting choreographers with funding. REVERBdance is currently working on new programs such as REVERBdance IMPACT, an educational outreach program as well as new satellite productions, giving emerging choreographers opportunities to show their work to new audiences.

Now under the direction of Kate Griffler, REVERBdance has held a very successful track record in producing dance festivals in NYC. The organization has showcased to over 7000 audience members and has partnered with prestigious institutions such as Purchase College, Steps Beyond, Steps on Broadway NYC, and the Infinito Gallery. As an institution for funding dance artists, REVERBdance has awarded over $10,000 to choreographers and dancers alike. REVERBdance has produced esteemed choreographers such as Kyle Abraham, Austin McCormick, Andrea Miller, Nelly Van Bommel, Wendy Osserman, Gregory Dolbashian, and Mike Ezperanza, and many more.